Who We Are

Srs. Renata, Martin, Myrna, Christine, Rosalie and Ann
  At this point in time we are a public association in the Diocese of Portland, Maine, faithful to the Pope and the Magisterium of the Church. The vows that we profess are private vows until we have the required number of sisters to be accepted as a religious community, at which time we will profess public vows. We are associated with the Dominican Order as members of the Dominican Laity. We also host the monthly meeting of the chapter of Lay Dominicans here at our convent.
We live a contemplative-apostolic lifestyle. Daily we attend mass at our parish. Together we pray the divine office and each sister prays privately for an hour before the exposed Blessed Sacrament and spends one half hour in meditation. We also study daily for at least one hour to nourish our souls with the truth of our faith. Community life is also essential for us. We only leave the property for necessities. We earn our living by working at home.


Our History

 We came to Maine in 1991 with the permission of Bishop Joseph Gerry O.S.B., Bishop of the Diocese of Portland, Maine, to start this community. Two of us were previously members of the Dominican Sisters of Bethany, and had asked for exclaustration from that congregation in order to come back to the States to start a community to carry on the charism of Fr. Lataste.  http://www.bethanyhouseministry.com/fr_jean_joseph_lataste_op

Sisters Martin, Renata, Rosalie, Christine and Ann with Fr. Hugh Burns,OP